Regreen Organics

About Us

ReGreen Organics, LLC, was founded in 2015 on the principle of providing cost-effective solutions to public and private agencies with respect to the management of solid waste and other organic materials. In collaboration with Albert Mardikian - the inventor of the technology which forms the basis of our services - Jeff Camera, Mike Balliet, and Andrew Nguyen have developed a service company that not only provides equipment for cost-effective processing and handling of organic material and municipal solid waste (MSW), but has the ability to provide operational services and technical support to manage and/or assist with any size development or quantity of waste material.


Our commitment to principal involvement ensures that our client satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Although we are a new company, the basis for our technology has a proven service record for more than 30 years servicing fishing industries and has been reengineered to meet the challenges facing organic material and solid waste processing.


ReGreen Organics believes a system that focuses on effective processing of organic material into a stable organic compost, fertilizer, or refuse derived fuel (RDF) production is vital to the long-term environmental benefits facing the world today. With the ability to process organic or inorganic material separately or together, we believe that our technology is by far the most universally efficient and economically feasible technology out there today.


We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you how we may be able to provide environmental benefits to you, your business, and your environment. Please contact us today and let us show you how.