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Learning About ReGreen Organics

Lauren Hitch

February 09, 2018

Ever thought about all the food waste you throw into the garbage can each week?

Well, now there is something to do about it. Jeff Camera, managing partner at ReGreen Organics recently stopped by to talk about their zero waste initiative and how it can have a positive effect on the environment. He explains how his efforts have brought the company to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and what you at home can do to help reduce your family's waste.

Jeff talks about how their system works and how they have partnered with local farmers. The farmers are coming together and bringing their materials and organic food wastes and then creating products that can go right back into their soil.

Jeff says at home, we can start by only purchasing food at the store that we will consume within a reasonable amount of time, that way we have less waste. He says backyard composting is something we can look into as well which will help.

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