Jeff Camera

Managing Partner/Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Camera - Managing Partner/Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Camera is an experienced government administrator who has worked for the public, private, and nonprofit sectors for over 24 years managing government processes, environmental programs, grant funding and related issues, company labor forces, and various efficiency programs and processes. Mr. Camera has extensive knowledge and understanding of public and private sector governance, solid waste and recycling programs and franchise evaluation, franchise auditing, legislative development and analysis, contract and municipal code development, and the implementation of cost-effective programs designed to enhance public sector efficiency and compliance.


Mr. Camera's private sector experience includes working with developers, businesses, and contractors to ensure compliance with governmental regulations and program parameters. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing solid waste, recycling, and environmental programs for large commercial and mixed-use developments to ensure programmatic efficiency and cost effectiveness. His ability to effectively evaluate, analyze, and audit various programs and topic areas provides his clients with the comprehensive overview necessary to make informed decisions regarding their direction, growth, and profitability.


For more than 20 years, Mr. Camera's experience has been instrumental in the direct management of key projects, operations, and personnel that affect core operations directly related to solid waste, recycling, and landfill management systems. He is skilled and experienced in designing, developing, implementing, explaining, and defending ideas and positions both orally and in writing, routinely has direct interaction with employees, officials, and representatives at various levels of government, as well as private sector organizations that are working toward mutual solid waste, recycling, environmental, and efficiency goals.

Albert Mardikian

Partner/Chief Technology Officer

Albert Mardikian - Partner/Chief Technology Officer

Albert Mardikian holds numerous patents on leading innovations and designs in the environmental, marine, and automotive industries. He has also received many awards and honors, including the IMTEC Innovation Award. He has dedicated his life to improving industries through inventive technologies. As a distinguished automotive designer and engineer, Mr. Mardikian created coachwork and designs for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda. He partnered with government and defined safety standards for the Department of Transportation and has manufactured special emission systems on boats and automobiles for the Environmental Protection Agency. He also tested models of exotic cars, boats, and watercraft for compliance with US Safety, DOT, Coast Guard, and EPA standards.


Mr. Mardikian's passion for bettering our world soon steered him toward becoming the successful owner of Green Environmental Waste and Recycling. He gained first-hand experience in every task involved in the waste processing enterprise, at times working manually with the trash himself. He was later approached by the US and Middle-East waste industries to consult on improving the efficiency of the trash-handling process. Through his investigations, Mr. Mardikian witnessed piling and overflowing landfills both in the US and abroad and observed the labor-intensive systems used for dealing with waste. His recent projects are a direct response to the apparent needs of the industry. Albert Mardikian received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Design Engineering in 1971 from Northrop University in Los Angeles, California.

Mike Balliet

Partner/Chief Financial Officer

Mike Balliet - Partner/Chief Financial Officer

Michael Balliet brings extensive solid waste industry experience to his consulting and auditing services for local governments. Mr. Balliet's primary field of expertise is in solid waste franchising, agreement compliance audits, financial audits and rate setting analysis, as well as his in-depth understanding of the regulations governing solid waste collection, diversion and disposal, and state legislative requirements.


Mr. Balliet has been an environmental consultant based in California since 1991. As part of his work with local governments, he has audited and developed recycling programs for many of the largest businesses in Los Angeles County (Northrop, Allied Signal, Dow Chemical, Mobil Oil, etc.). His work in Orange County California began in 1992 with the City of Costa Mesa and eventually moved to institutional clients (U.C. Irvine) and Orange County's most visible business, Disneyland.

Andrew Nguyen

Partner/ Director of Installations and Technical Support

Andrew Nguyen - Partner/ Director of Installations and Technical Support

Mr. Nguyen has been working in the import/export industry from 2006-2014. Mr. Nguyen's extensive knowledge in arranging ocean freight and logistics, as well as experience in inventory management, brings a strong presence to the ReGreen Organics team. He has coordinated and worked with China's Central Veterinarian Dept., as well as USDA, and US Customs and Border Protection Agency. Mr. Nguyen served as sales manager for Division One Products, Inc. from 2010-2014 where he helped develop new marketing strategies as well as grow sales for the company. Mr. Nguyen has extensive knowledge and expertise in the equipment's technology and processes as well as system configuration and implementation.

Joanne Magro

Director of Administrative Services

Joanne Magro - Director of Administrative Services

Ms. Magro has more than 25 years of experience working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at all levels. She has worked her way from a secondary school mathematics teacher, to becoming the managing owner of a business with more than 15 employees. Ms. Magro brings to ReGreen Organics her extensive experience consulting on projects in the areas of the environment, public safety, education, and business enterprise. With each job/project, emphasis is placed on promoting international exchange of technology and education in the United States and Latin America, providing opportunities for economic development, and implementing training programs in support of sustainable business practices.