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UMES announces new recycling partnership with ReGreen Organics

Justina Coronel

November 15, 2017

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. - UMES announced a new partnership today, which could benefit not only the campus but also the Eastern Shore.

Last summer, Delmarva Power donated $1 million to the university creating their Green Collar Initiative. And this partnership is just another effort for them to be an environmental leader.

Regreen Organics and UMES has created a new recycling partnership with the company, which will transform organic materials into reusable items.

Jeff Camera, CEO of ReGreen Organics, says, "the University has come together with us as a private company that deals in organics and organic processing and worked out with farmers that are local in the area that have a variety of things from corn, to soy bean to chicken houses."

We are told one of the large problems is dealing with chicken manure being phosphorous and a lot of it finding its way into the estuaries.

Rather than having to travel, ReGreen will bring the process to the shore.

"What we're able to do is rather than have to truck it offsite to Pennsylvania or other areas, we can process it right on sight less than 30 minutes so they can reuse it," Camera says.

And it's their technology that's the cream of the crop.

The ReGreen machines can accept any form of organic materials turning them into pellets. These pellets can be used as fertilizer supplement or biofuel.

The equipment will take less than 15,000 square feet and they will process over 200 tons a day of material.

The machines will be placed in the first quarter of 2018.

This new partnership is not only beneficial for UMES but also Somerset County, an area where agriculture is essential.

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